Linda Clark-Borre

You Were Born With Two Hearts

02/14/2013 16:17

If you have a chance, have a look at this article about your heart of hearts, the life of your life. Don't worry, this will make perfect sense by the time you get to the end of this lovely reflection:

I  started this little blog awhile back trying to make the mental shift to being here, as opposed to Chicago, which is my home as long as most of my children are there. Now I am so busy, I don't have time anymore to muse much on a cyber page. I still write - my lesson plans, staff development blogs, business plans, radio scripts, etc. I have moved off a bit, though, from my usual interior habitat, which at least one of my beloved philosophers (E. Levinas) would say was a good thing.

No one told me a little volunteer gig as a public radio co-host meant I had to learn so much about production and engineering. I never thought I would put my project management experience into play across the spectrum of related activities.

I love being with the artists I meet and interview. We are in development mode - I am learning to edit my own shows now. I don't know if I will be able to maintain the energy for all this indefinitely, but for now the passion is there, fed by the energy of visual artists. As I sit--for hours--with the Audacity software erasing, enhancing, and reshaping interviews into "shows," I often wish parts of my life could be sent through the program. I would delete this part, merge lumbering trains of thought so they all head to the same station, and construct an almighty "do-over." I know better, that most of us did not get to wholely live the life of our original dreams - but if we are lucky we lived wholely nonetheless. Still, the Audacity software reminds me of all kinds of reshaping possibilities.

I could make the beginnings into endings if the story is more appealing that way...and also, vice versa. The endings become beginnings, and it just so happens that technique often works well in radio production.

Just as it does in life if we want it, if we allow it.