Linda Clark-Borre

Winged Migration

06/16/2016 15:00

My family will laugh at the title. I loved that movie, whereas everyone I know who watched it with me feel asleep. Birds I have loved, for so many reasons. Just watch that old documentary - if you can stay awake, write me, we are utterly sympatico.

But I write about another migration - I have a new website,

Now that I have adjusted to my Chicago-Chico migration the best I could over the last several years, it is time to launch into the final chapters of my life with new vigor and a sense of purpose.

Why the title?  It isn't anything more than the earnest musing of someone born and bred here, who is a little sad to see the designation "American" mean so little in terms of the greateness it once was. And I do NOT mean in the sense a certain presidential candidate uses it.

Once we had a great heart, collectively speaking least. We took in tired and poor, those who longed to be free. So many of them were good, and helped build America. So, taking a bit of a turn here, I'll explain what all this means personally.

I was born long ago into humble circumstances. My life has surpassed every expectation I ever had for it while I was young. Nowhere but in America could a young girl have found so many opportunities. I am so grateful. I am a proud American, but I am also so many other nationalities, too.

I don't know what the future is, but I will be sharing thoughts through all the good and not-good aspects I am sure to experience. My plan is to do this for thirty years, if I am so fortunate as to live that long. If not...well, so be it.

To Life is the the theme of the new blog, and if what I write seems paradoxical at times, perhaps even depressed or angst-driven, well--paradox is the heart of truth, and resides within the being of every honest soul. Our ability to express it all freely is quintessentially American.