Linda Clark-Borre

Vintage Klipschs Still Fill a Room

01/03/2012 20:08

Sometimes older is better.

Behold my husband’s gift to me: a pair of 1973 vintage La Scalas.  And boy do they fill a room, literally and otherwise. The field (the one with cows in it) outside this particular room provides a stark and interesting contrast to the  concert hall quality sound.

Why is it that something so old still emits such lush, multi-layered and  multi-tonal sounds?  Only audiophiles speak the language of woofers, subwoofers, tweeters and relative size, so I really can’t say. I can say this: I never thought of music as being delicately layered, but now I can hear it.  I can also say this: when I first test heard them, using one of my CD’s that Marc had brought with him to the store, I and other music lovers listened with this rapt expression: 8-O Strangers, united in rapture!

Yes, we looked just like that. 8-O ... Actual photo.

Even without the speakers, the piece of music we sampled is eternally beautiful. If you have time, take a listen. I don't know how I would live without such an accompaniment to the movie that is my life...or the stories that are ours.


PS Fish, Slimey, and the Herd also seem to like the way they sound. (Get it, Herd...never mind.)  Honestly have you ever seen such gigantic speakers??