Linda Clark-Borre

This is Your Life (Maybe, Eventually)

02/13/2012 18:03


I was warned when I signed up with that my facebook page would automatically default to the new timeline format. I thought, okay, might as well because I knew the old format would eventually become obsolete if Zuckerberg’s plan comes to fruition and it probably will.

Now I am not thrilled with this new timeline view; but I checked out some others who have this somewhat avant-guarde and decidedly different format, and it really has inspired me to look at some old friends in new ways. To paraphrase the great philosopher Jacques Ellul, every human life really is as singular as an artist’s creation. (Except he said it more like “Chaque vie est comme singulier comme un artiste de creation.”)  In any language, we are all artists.

Playing around a little bit with photo arrangements I started to think about what I want my future timeline to be like.

Where Zuckerberg drops off - Oprah picks up. Enter Oprah and her cool dream boards. Viva la Oprah!

Also called vision boards, the idea behind them is perpetual self-inspiration. Their utility is based on the principle that “if you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it.”  You fill your board with photos, text messages, and mementos to help stay focused on what, in this life, we truly desire for ourselves.

Interesting idea. Unfortunately I seem to have a better grasp of what I DON’T want in life. Though I am a proponent of positive psychologies, I am not a “I-will-chase-happiness-at-all costs” kind of person.  It’s not like I don’t care about personal happiness, I just see it tied to other, less obvious features and attributes. But creating a timeline of the future is interesting for now, and really neat if it all comes true.

Here’s a cool tool to start your own vision board…or as Oprah calls them, dream boards.

Here’s what you can do according to the big O:

With My Next Chapter Story Board you can:

  • Update your My Next Chapter Story Board at any time and save previous versions
  • Keep track of your different visions with an archive of your past My Next Chapter Story Boards
  • Write inspirational quotes, words and actions
  • Change your My Next Chapter Story Board as you change
  • Keep track of your life's journey with an archive of your past My Next Chapter Story Boards
  • Save image files to your desktop
  • Share your My Next Chapter Story Board with your family and friends

So far on mine, I only have a glass of water (reminder to drink more of it), the word “Alive” because I want to stay that, and “Paris Has To Happen” because since the mid-nineties I have wanted to go back. Hmmm, with my busy week ahead, that’s probably all I will have for awhile. What’s on yours?