Linda Clark-Borre

Stuff I Thought on My Summer Vacation

07/20/2013 08:02


On Zimmermania

There's tragedy you can name, such as the sudden rushing wave come to snatch someone you love from the edge of the sea to be swept away forever; and there is tragedy that's insidious, so absolutely formless and poisonous to everyone that the biblical phrase describing Lucifer as "the Prince of the power of the air" makes perfect sense. That's how I feel about the Florida disaster.

It boils down to this for me:  how can you get away with murder when you have been told clearly to stay away from trouble?  Once a choice is made to assertively defend from a perspective of ignorance (GZ did not know what was on TM's mind--he couldn't have) what do we expect but for disaster to ensue?

As for "the system worked," well--maybe we need to look at a better system. Anyone who has been on the receiving side of legal action, or knows someone who has been, will tell you - our laws are largely in the hands of a mass of the less-then competent, and/or  professional buck-runners, and/or people standing at so far a distance from what's real that they can best be described as story-spinners. (Apologies to my "good" lawyer friends and those like them,  many of whom have moved on to other professions because of problems related to the above...or who don't make much defending the rights of others.)

Other writers have parsed this one plenty so I will leave it at this. I try to be merciful in my outlook and perspectives, but whatever GZ faces as a free man is a consequence of the choice to go after someone with a gun. That which he has done to his fellow human being, he can expect one day to reap in some form or other. I don't wish ill to anyone, I am just saying - it was his choice and I doubt any law can save him from a penalty that seems "just" to somebody of ill intent - just as GZ felt justified.

On LeVian Jewelry

How can it be that some brilliant marketer has been able to take a substandard gem like brown diamonds, call them chocolate, and make a mint? Magic!  It used to be that no one would glance twice at the inferior brown or black diamonds, but now they are outrageously expensive "flavors."  We the buying public are soooo stooopid....

On Going Down a Big Twisty Water Slide for the First Time in My Life

Actually twice! Of course, I approached the proposition like a big dork, and had to be told to take off my googly-goggles by the lifeguard. I bet the kids in line were snickering beneath their sunburned arms at me, but boy did I have fun - despite the water shooting up my nose.  Wheeee!

On Facebook Reposts - Especially the Latest

I am as guilty as anyone about some videos and posters, but Folks need to read carefully before re-posting everything they see. There is one in particular that claims "(President) Obama didn't care" enough to comment on the death of a little boy at the hands of a gruff-looking criminal. The victim's sweet little face is juxtaposed next to a sullen looking black man.  It's amazing how well we read people's minds with ease, and when it comes to the President, we can see right through him.

You know, I am a CEO of a company comprised of about 95 people. I hear everything, or almost. Do I care about much of it? You bet.  Am I concerned enough at times to watch closely as I keep my eye on 25 other things? (Obama has to keep watch over lots more than that). Sure.  Do I comment upon everything? No, because I don't have to - the logic of "if she didn't comment, she didn't care" doesn't hold. I have a job to do, and it is a lonely one at times.  I think Obama himself, based on recent actions is thinking through a lot these days re: shooting of the innocent.

There is the weapon we hold in our hands and those we use against one another with abandon - words conceived not in reflection, but passion and bias.

If we had to be original in our postings, would Facebook be silent for the day? 

P.S.  I am not Democrat or Republican. I am too old to be either, but I am terribly biased against BS and the general practice of not thinking things through with compassion and mercy for all. Attitude too is a weapon. And yes, I have to work on myself - every doggone day.