Linda Clark-Borre

Resolution or Revolution? Let Me Think About It.

12/28/2011 18:47


…or maybe I should consider anarchy.

But seriously, it is that time of year again and so I must reflect. Do I make my resolutions this year so I can fail to achieve them?

Since most of the big transitions in my life happened without benefit of any prior authorization, much less resolution on my part, I might not resolve to do anything. I may just sit and see what happens. My sitting in unknowingly hopeful anticipation the past couple of years brought a whirlwind of mostly positive events into my life. Whereas, those small resolutions of the past may have existed just to get me to focus on something other than the pain of unhappy relationships, or a ridiculous job.

Decisions…hmmmm…without resolutions, what a waste of the cool calendar I bought to organize my dual job roles as university lecturer and CEO of a decent size non-profit. All those little blank spaces are loaded with potential to hold progress notes related to exercise, weight management, French lessons, etc.

But there are no truly great gains to be made in those areas.  If I achieve all my goals to lose five pounds, walk more often through the beautiful Chico landscape, and speak French more fluently,  no one would really notice…except me.  It would be all about me.

And I guess that is precisely the reason why I should make those humble time-bound plans, because Ghandi had it right: we need to be the change we want to see in the world. It also  keeps us from nagging all the Others.

I like Ghandi. Therefore this time next year, I will regard myself as one year older should I be so fortunate as to claim another year; I shall deem myself none the worse for the wear, because I have trod the Chico terrain and come to know its lovely parkland better;  I will have loosened my stiffening ligaments through walking just a little longer than I usually do; and get a little closer to French fluency, as the Mediterranean climate in Chico inspires me to.

Finally, to literally top all this off, I will make peace with my hair.

To paraphrase the Beatle tune:

You say you want a revolution
Well you know
We'd all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution
Well you know…

I’d just like to nudge MYSELF. BECAUSE I CAN, SO THERE, LA DE DA!

And to flat out quote Herman Hesse simply because he comes to mind....

All I ever wanted was to be myself.

Why was that so difficult?