Linda Clark-Borre

Rats Asses and Bloody Hell - Happy New Year

01/05/2018 11:29

What the hell? I was told today that my car apparently has had a rodent infestation, which has created an engine problem, which means hours of work ahead for skilled mechanics to pull my car apart, diagnose the REAL problem (rats or otherwise) and fix it. My advisor also helpfully let me know about insurance maybe paying for it if it is, indeed rats or rodents that have overtaken my undercarriage.

But, I live on a street called Dawncrest, so I look for the good in the day. Hey, the news stimulated a mini-crisis related to space. That is, space I did not have as a child, my willingness to give others space as opposed to claiming my own, etc. I'd say more but I'll end it this way: I willingly gave garage space over to my beloved hubby for a man-cave-space when we moved here. Anyway, I am fighting for a room of my own now. I am grateful for strength and for realization this day. And that my family, especially my sister that I have been concerned about, are all well.