Linda Clark-Borre

Paris as Possibility

02/15/2012 21:16

As the great Popeye once said, blow me down.

The other day in my post about the dream board (or vision board, or bucket list board, or whatever you want to call it) I speculated as to whether or not such “visualizations” worked.  I had discovered on Oprah’s site that you can actually build your own, and I started one as an experiment. I shared with you the things I was able to think of to put on my dream board right away:  the word ALIVE, because I want to stay that way,  a glass of water, to remind myself to drink more of it, and the phrase “Paris Must Happen” because the years are slipping by and I always wanted to go to back. That was all I could think of to put on my board at the time. And the Paris thing, well, why not? That was my shot at dreamin' big.

Lo and behold, a friend writes to me the day after my post. She’ll be going on a business trip to Paris in a couple of weeks, she has a place, and I could stay for free if I was able to get there.

Well, shoot, due to the happy occasion of two sons graduating within the next months, and my needing both some money and vacation allocated toward that, I can’t do it now.  But here’s the thing: Life, in the form of a lovely friend, offered Paris to me anyway, or at least rendered it closer and more convenient than it ever had before.

I learned a few things already with the dream board experiment.

First, don’t hold your dream cards too close to your chest. Let others in on your hopes and dreams, and listen for theirs. In this life, people are supposed to be there for one another, and sometimes they really are in surprising ways. 

Second, never say never because you never know anything except you never know.

Third, whatever your dream board looks like, if (or as) you build it, leave space for a very important word: THANKS. I already put it on the bottom of mine.

 I am so grateful to be alive and living in the state of possibility, even when I can’t have everything I want.