Linda Clark-Borre

Not the Usual Walk in the Park

04/29/2012 17:42


At last, almost two years (?!) after my entry into this foreign and laid back land, Saturday I began to seriously explore the eleven miles of protected terrain called Bidwell Park.

First, I checked out the community pool that is concreted right into Big Chico Creek. Look to the right in to photo below, and you will see where the pool drops off into more miles and miles of creek and parkland, including one of the first forest experimentation stations in the US:


Every there are trails from which to choose, paved and otherwise. Hikers happen upon green scenes galore, like this one:


If you come visit me to walk the great Yahi Trail, better take something like this handy guide to protect yourself.  Remember: Leaves of three, let it be! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Yahi Trail Guide.pdf (746,1 kB)


But it wasn’t all fun and games for me today. I took a little time to consult with my fashion consultant/trip advisor/counselor/stepson Max about the ups and downs of life:


We spoke of many things…Is the Gateway Science Museum more exciting than Bidwell Mansion? Where are the burial grounds?  Ain’t growing up a pain? What goes better with plaid than plaid?

Before leaving what little terrain I was able to cover in just a few short hours, I had an impromptu chat with a risk advisor who just happened to be sitting around.  He appeared credible enough to me - although from the back I could see a little crack…but like I've said many times, California is casual.  I laid out a few burning issues. Finally, someone I could trust with the vagaries of the state fiscal situation, the rising cost of workman’s comp insurance, etc. He told me everything would be fine, sure as he was sitting there, and now I feel so much better. Look at that wise and honest face. Clearly the fellow has been through a lot and lived to tell the story.


Friends and family, come visit us. I have a nice bedroom for you and your own bathroom.  With plumbing! Put your own self here:

 Isn’t nature calling you too?