Linda Clark-Borre

"Life Broken Down...

05/03/2012 12:04

…to its simplest terms.”

That’s what one reviewer of this short (11 minute) video had to say.

At first, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to hang with this presentation when I plucked it out of my mail today. It starts off with a bit of a shaky camera, but the presenter’s accent intrigued me, so I stayed.

Well worth the time.  Heather Simmons discusses what folks in human services call the values of inclusion.  Deceptively simple, I’ll list them below; as you read them, what’s your gut reaction? True? Not so true? Totally confused, seems out of context? I'm not judging.

Everyone is “born in”

All means All

Everyone needs to be in

Everyone needs to be willing

Everyone is ready

Everyone needs support

Everyone can learn

Everyone can contribute

Everyone can communicate


See the video, and your perspective just may shift a bit. In any case, I find Heather offers a little insight into human life itself, and some nuances about living that hold true for us our whole lives long.

Note to my graduating sons—yes, “you are ready” - keeping the above points in mind can smooth your paths most anywhere you go.

Got an extra five minutes? This is beautiful.