Linda Clark-Borre

I Visit the Dark Side

04/19/2012 20:14

If my kids are reading this, don’t worry, your mother isn’t planning to stay. She’s just visiting. And Southern California is only the dark side if you live in Northern California, love Northern California beyond all reason, and believe all evil political decision making is driven by the craziness of the South (of California that is).

If you live in Southern Cal, you flip the perspective, in which case I DO live in the dark side, and shall return tomorrow night.

As a Chicagoan, despite my travels, I never understood any of this, nor did I know that at various times there have been plots in both parts of the state to effect a permanent north/south separation.  Isn’t that what North and South Carolina and North and South Dakota did? My ignorance disappoints me, but I am too tired to care enough to look it up.

I slugged through meetings today and learned enough to make my head hurt. This evening I am just sittin’ on (near) the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away.