Linda Clark-Borre

I Just Pressed the Restart Button

06/06/2016 14:18

It has been six years since I upended my life, moving from a Chicago suburb to lovely Chico. I am still trying to make a few adjustments. Chico is quite isolated; nearest "big city" is Sacramento, 90 minutes away. 

I am grateful to have the means to maintain my small condo in that Chicago suburb, and visit there whenever university classes are over for the summer, or for winter break.

Six years. Have you ever stopped to think how short and long a time that is? It seems forever when you are at the start of it, for whatever reason you may consider it a beginning. Looking back, it's much longer than I ever imagined I'd be here. I thought my heart would break from missing Chicago and my family because I just don't see them much anymore. But my heart didn't break.

Teaching has helped, and kept me busy. I do other things I enjoy, like keeping an informal blog for the college of business, working with student groups, doing a research study...oh, and even maintaining a percentage of my CEO role within a company I - we - have been able to successfully restructure through the nearly six years I've been around. Considering that some my age may find it difficult to be both happily and gainfully employed, I am fortunate.

Chico has been good to me. I'm trying to do a good job loving it back when I am here. It certainly has plenty to offer. And I don't think I can be leaving any time soon.

My attempts to turn into a nature nut have been comical. My earnest desire to be a health-foodie has fallen short time and again.

I get allergic smelling hay, and I still adore a penthouse view.

But try I do, and try I will.