Linda Clark-Borre

For Such Time as You May Need This

08/25/2012 17:33

As time moves forward, I've changed my ideas on many things. My emphasis in life has shifted from "how much can I have" and "how well can I look" to "how much can I do?" This is not to say that this shift, in and of itself, leads for happy happy joy joy days, as Ren and Stimpy sing about. I'd describe it more as the difference between a shallow cup of piss-brew and a cup of Jamaican Blue.

So now the secret's out, I am writing irrationally on top of everything else, and I am going through some old collected bits and pieces  of others - slightly amended by me to suit myself - and I uncovered something that hit the nail on the head to cap a difficult week in which I've learned some people I love and care about have some health matters to face of a serious nature.

My mind travels back to the days of my thirties and forties, where getting older and more vulnerable was something I preferred not to consider too often. I bought expensive handbags instead. Still in the time I allowed myself to reflect more deeply, I collected writings such as is presented below, and I am really glad I did. Now I need it. Maybe it will help you as well, if not now, someday.

I regret that I can't put a name to the original author of the paragraphs below. I found the writing randomly, in an odd place is all I can recall. I adapted it anyway to suit my own purpose. I am inclined to think the author would just be glad anyone is making use of the words.

I remember when I first got into spirituality and metaphysics, I was so naive about certain things. I really thought that once a person begins to practice their True Self...their Inner Spirit...when they remember that they were a Soul with a body and not a body with a Soul...than they were automatically free from all things human; they were impervious to any thing from the sniffles to cancer to death. But the thing is, that no matter how "advanced" we are on the Spiritual Path, and I use that word with some hesitation, because there is no advancing on the Spiritual Path, we are already as Spiritual as we are ever going to be, the bottom line is that we are still in the world of form. This is where the words of Jesus ring so clear, "Be in the world, but not of it..." In other words, remember that no matter what may be going on in your world, you are still a Spiritual Being regardless.

I believe that the Soul that we truly are knows exactly what it needs to be doing on Its path. There is a lot of talk in metaphysical circles that if you manifest a certain disease your thinking is out of alignment with the Divine. For instance, a manifestation of cancer might mean hidden rage, or a stroke might be unability to deal with life, or developing cataracts may be that you are refusing to "see" something in your life that needs to be healed.

Every so often metaphysical "diagnosis" may have some validity, but in some ways I really feel that the Soul is always and in all ways in charge and is always seeking Higher Understanding of Itself; and if It can manifest a disease or condition to learn from, so be it.