Linda Clark-Borre

Chico’s Nuts

02/09/2012 21:27
The world over in every season, festivals abound if you know where to look. The Festival of Lights, of Roses, of Lilacs, of Beer...the list goes on.
We have the Festival of Nuts, oh so convenient because I live not more than two miles from Sierra Nevada Brewery.
The reason for the festival is simple. Nuts naturally generate many questions. What do they have to offer me, and how can I fit more of them into my busy life? How do I keep my nuts safely stored and as fresh as possible? What kind of nuts are these?
Come April our pressing questions will be answered as we celebrate the joy of nuts with our big old-fashioned festival. In case you were wondering, walnut handlers will be present, as will pistachio peelers.
Some trivia: Almonds are Chico’s number one crop, which for some reason the growers and locals pronounce “aaamonds” without the ‘l’ and sounding a long flat a. (Like the French “eu” sound it is hard to describe.) You have to hear it, and they can tell the locals from the non locals by the way we pronounce Chico's most plentiful crop.
Next time you buy nuts, check to see where they’re from.
I’m proud to say that I live in nut town and I can prove it in more ways than you know.
(Because we know there are some you would not eat:)