Linda Clark-Borre

Can You Love Your Children Too Much?

01/19/2018 13:25

Today's text and question from my daughter as we discussed my granddaughter, currently in college, and recently accepted to participate in a trip to Guatamala in 2019. Understandably my daughter is both elated and a bit nervous.

This is where my Northern California experiences with University students really enables me to offer insight. And this is exactly what I love most about being here, when I'm here - being with my students. So many have visited developing nations. My own experience is iimited to the academic.  

I've worked for companies with interests in developing countries, but having been there is something else entirely. My students have taught me how imortant it is to visit places that challenge our way of seeing the world. Only in so doing can we really see how much knowledge there is to be mined by getting the heck out of everything we know, and think we know.  Yeah, I read a lot, and yes i care. But those who have been to other places have a lot to teach us all.

And to my daughter's question to me, spurred by her concern that she worries to much: No, we cannot love our children too much. Not as long as we leave them to encounter the lessons that are theirs in life to learn.