Linda Clark-Borre

California Smells

03/08/2012 16:02


We are reviewing and revising Policy and Procedures Manual at work.  Every wonder why these things are 4 feet thick?

Ever wonder why in California they are 8 feet thick?

Your  comprehensive Policy and Procedures Manual is a document that protects everyone legally, and it strives, to the fullest extent possible, to protect – everyone – legally – at – all – times –from – any – conceivable – thing – that- could – happen – now – until – the – hour – of our deaths.


Part of my current review exercise involves considering policy standards and recommendations from other companies and advisors. We sure don’t want to miss anything, so we just pile it on ourselves.

Here is the latest suggested addition to cross my desk. By the way I understand that fragrance sensitivities are not terribly uncommon and that we should take it seriously whenever we know a specific sensitivity exists among those individuals with whom we share space.

 But do we really need to follow this recommended set of words?

We strive to maintain a fragrance-free workplace. Employees may not wear any of the following in the workplace or when on the job, regardless of location, if they may come in contact with customers or coworkers: cologne, after shave lotion, perfume, perfumed hand lotion, fragranced hair products, fragranced deodorants and/or similar products.

So, wearing your powder scent deodorant is okay when you are out in public, but you must remove it before entering your colleagues’ airspace.  Perhaps it shall then be advised that no one should wear or even think about anything but Cetaphil or unscented Dove for washing body parts. (For some reason, I am reminded of a trip to France and gagging then fainting at the crowded Palace de Versailles.)

Ah, the beautiful color movie that is/was my life is fast turning to sepia tones, and soon, to black and white. Potentially smelly black and white.

I only hope that Mother, I mean Person Nature cooperates and does not assault us with her/his/its  usual bounty of seductive fragrances this spring.  She/he/it is already starting her fragrance business here in our verdant landscape, and I just might have to sue her.