Linda Clark-Borre

Better Living, Maybe

04/17/2012 13:04


Here’s the latest from Ariana Huffington, who teamed with a bunch of engineers, coders, psychologists, doctors, and presumably many self-help gurus to come up with her “killer app” – due to launch in June, called GPS For the Soul.

An excerpt from her article about it in today’s Huffington Post:


Here's how our new app will work: when you tap your phone's sensor, GPS for the Soul will provide you with several measures of your current stress levels, including your heart rate and heart rate variability. (Subsequent releases will provide even more information.) It will then connect you to whatever you need to get to a place of balance. It might be music, or poetry, or breathing exercises, or photos of a person or place you love -- or a combination of all of these.

Since no one knows better than you what helps you de-stress and tap into that place of peace inside yourself, you'll be able to personalize the app's feedback you receive, programming the app to send you just what you need to course-correct. Personally, I'll be programming mine to send me meditation instructions, photos of my daughters, my favorite moments from Mozart's "Magic Flute," etc. etc. And on my app's home screen will be this beautiful photo by Gordon Parks, a copy of which is also hanging in my bedroom…

Starting today, and continuing as we lead up to the launch of the app, we're featuring stories on HuffPost that reinforce GPS for the Soul's themes. Russell Bishop, GPS for the Soul's editorial director, shares his tips on how to find "that oasis of peace" that's in all of us. We're also featuring HuffPost bloggers weighing in on a range of subjects related to GPS for the Soul. There's designer Tory Burch on the art of sleeping; psychotherapist Ira Israel on ways we can better and more authentically communicate with each other (and how disconnecting from social media can help); and wellness coach Laura Norman asks, "Is stress a choice?" There's also a slideshow on the health benefits of relaxing.


Now doesn’t this sound interesting? I just hope it works a little better than the GPS in my car, which frequently sends me the following important message, at least where I am currently…


Can’t wait for Ariana’s fun new app. Glad to see someone/Someone/something other than Oprah, the Bible, and any other holy literature of your choice is offering us options for better living on a grand scale.

Happy trails, blazers!