Linda Clark-Borre

Best Profession for a "Senior Citizen"

05/12/2012 23:12

The US is not exactly the land of career opportunity once you reach a certain age. I was thinking about this today as I considered some of my friends who have been out of jobs awhile despite lots of useful experience and plenty of talent.  Like me, I guess they’re kind of old.  We look great, yeah. However, we are still whatever we age we are whether we are in denial or not.

The hard truth as I see it is this: once you hit a certain point in your life, experience, talent and connections are not necessarily going to get you anywhere once you've hit a bump and find yourself on the side of the road; especially not now. Much of today’s work world appears driven through efforts ranging from inept to mediocre (and that’s on a good day).  In such a world, what does the wisdom of experience matter?

So I am tooling around today thinking these dark thoughts and in pops a voice in my head, actually via my iPod.  And it made me happy as I realized this person, via his legacy, has become an agent of the possible, representing as he did the breed of profession whereby advanced age might be such a tremendous advantage that good vocal articulation, or even having teeth, cease to matter.

Greatness may ooze from every pore when you can do this, being old.

I don’t have the time right now to mine all the value of this guy’s  lessons – like “relevance” coming from inside, the example of a fierce beauty born of poverty, a mysterious appeal to all ages, etc… but have a look here - do you see what I mean?