Linda Clark-Borre

Aurgh! Chico Auto Dealer

01/09/2018 12:08

Well, I teach business/management, so I think I am justified in what I am about to say. Recently, an unnamed dealership service manager representative did me a solid by offering to plead my case to the auto maker to extend my warranty just a bit to cover a really expensive repair. The consumer in me was excited, thinking, however this works out, I am impressed. Maybe said auto dealership is not so bad, (as dealerships these days are not exactly bastions of trustworthiness), and I should actually take my vehicle there for oil changes too. I thought, they are learning customer service.

I also gave connection with the maker a try, with great results and called my dealership with the great news. I have been without a car awhile. Now they can get to fixin' it up in a way that literally satisfies all, enhancing good will and paychecks. 

But my "guy" is sick today, I was told. No action on any of this for a day. I asked, do you mean I would not have been contacted as promised? No, came the reply. When he comes back to work.

Now here's the problem. I accept necessary delays. But it is not hard to relay information. Whether or not the "guy" is there to tell his mechanics the work is covered, it seems like lgiven the authorization (that I know the dealer received) the work should begin unless everyone called in sick. In which case, I might be told.

Communication, people. It makes ALL the difference in cases like this.