Linda Clark-Borre

As It Is - So It Goes

01/05/2018 11:29

Rats Asses and Bloody Hell - Happy New Year

What the hell? I was told today that my car apparently has had a rodent infestation, which has created an engine problem, which means hours of work ahead for skilled mechanics to pull my car apart, diagnose the REAL problem (rats or otherwise) and fix it. My advisor also helpfully let me know about...


06/16/2016 15:00

Winged Migration

My family will laugh at the title. I loved that movie, whereas everyone I know who watched it with me feel asleep. Birds I have loved, for so many reasons. Just watch that old documentary - if you can stay awake, write me, we are utterly sympatico. But I write about another migration - I have a new...


06/10/2016 13:38

A Tale of Three Kitties

I was never too much of a pet person, but I married a pet that came with Marc. Grayson was a gray elder cat, and very attuned to his Man. He (cat) generally regarded me as an interloper, but he was just funny enough, just in need enough of brushing enough, so that I bonded with him too...


06/06/2016 14:18

I Just Pressed the Restart Button

It has been six years since I upended my life, moving from a Chicago suburb to lovely Chico. I am still trying to make a few adjustments. Chico is quite isolated; nearest "big city" is Sacramento, 90 minutes away.  I am grateful to have the means to maintain my small condo in that Chicago...