Linda Clark-Borre

As It Is - So It Goes

07/09/2019 13:36

Who Do You Think I Am?

  …says every living being in some manner, implicitly or aloud.  You, I, the tiny cell under a microscope under scientific observation, the lime-colored baby lizard playing chase with me this morning before scurrying back to its gap. I saw its head poke out once before popping back to the...


07/07/2019 13:52

Of Adventure and Loss, And All That Remains

My summer months included a European journey, inspiring for its bounty of intricately designed, painstakingly built structures that have stood strong against the odds for centuries. How is it that humankind conceived, much less constructed, massive buildings of iron, stone, and wood with...


07/03/2019 11:51

Picking Bones

“I have a bone to pick with you,” Mom said as soon as I opened the door. I took the letter she held in her hands and froze. It was from Mike, my top-secret pen pal, a U.S Marine fighting in Viet Nam. I’d responded several months earlier to an agency requesting letters to soldiers. Mike D. had...


01/02/2019 19:51

Elephants on Parade

I'd forgotten I wrote this, but here's a post from a few years back from a "teacher's blog" I used to do. Sadly, I don't think much has changed in the past couple of years in terms of serious student anxieties. But the response holds true, I...


12/20/2018 09:04

The Seventh Year of Sporadic Writing: I Reintroduce Myself

The Beginning of I Am I am eggshells, From Dippity-Do and Little Women. I am from pink bricks, cluttered rooms, and tiny windows, Volatile, longing, mother bent over full baskets and an ironing board. I am from a Chinese elm by the driveway Lovely in bloom but fragile, taking survival a year at a...


11/22/2018 20:05

After the Camp Fire: Aftermath

  My fellow Butte County Volunteers: We are, most of us, past the acute phase of crisis, and into the period of "aftermath". Even our survivors, we see, have lost much. I noticed today that in some places, there were more helpers than those directly afflicted by the Camp Fires (who must, by...


01/19/2018 13:25

Can You Love Your Children Too Much?

Today's text and question from my daughter as we discussed my granddaughter, currently in college, and recently accepted to participate in a trip to Guatamala in 2019. Understandably my daughter is both elated and a bit nervous. This is where my Northern California experiences with University...


01/13/2018 12:09

The Inescapable, Imponderable, Unavoidable Art of Losing

    From the poet Elizabeth Bishop: "The art of losing isn't hard to master; so many things seem filled with the intent /to be lost that their loss is no disaster/ Lose something every day/ Accept the fluster / of lost door keys, the hour badly spent." In other words, get used to it,...


01/09/2018 12:08

Aurgh! Chico Auto Dealer

Well, I teach business/management, so I think I am justified in what I am about to say. Recently, an unnamed dealership service manager representative did me a solid by offering to plead my case to the auto maker to extend my warranty just a bit to cover a really expensive repair. The consumer in...


01/06/2018 13:23

Just What I Needed Today - NOT.

      Who could not use a message like this? Not me.